Friday, August 25, 2006

Q: Where can I buy this book?

It's on sale for S$23 at Kinokuniya, Borders and MPH outlets in Singapore, as well as several other bookstores. If you'd like to support small local stores, though, I'd urge you to go to Select Books, an independent bookstore specialising in Southeast Asian titles.

Select Books
19 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Shopping Centre #03-15
Singapore 247909

Q: What if I'm not living in Singapore?

Buy it from the online shop at Fridae.com. Books are on sale there for US$15, which turns out to be (at present market rates) S$23.67.

Q: Who wrote the stories? The author, the editor or the interviewees?

The author Ng Yi-Sheng first interviewed each person in the book. He then wrote stories in first-person based very much on the oral accounts of these interviewees. These were then amended and adjusted until they were judged publishable by the interviewees. The editor Jason Wee then reviewed the stories to check for consistency and readability.

Q: Where will the money from sales go?

SQ21 was self-published as a project by the Oogachaga Counseling and Support Group at a cost of S$13,000. Sales will go toward a recovery of these costs and the funding of further projects, such as support groups, workshops, forums, and counseling sessions.

Oogachaga is a charitable pro-family sexuality affirming counseling and personal development agency. The author, editor, photographer (Alphonsus Lee), book designers (Cyrus Ho and Kelvin Ng) and interviewees all volunteered their services free of charge.